CATEGORY                          FEE PER ANNUM


               Ordinary Member                                           $800

               Senior Member                                               $680

               Young Adult Member (18-21years)                $325                     

               Junior Member (under 18)                              $150

               Social Member                                                $10

Please note -  none of the above include motorised buggy fees

We also offer temporary memberships for golfers travelling interstate and are planning on staying in our beautiful part of Queensland for a month or two. 

Temporary Membership A (Social Play Only)

  • Primary residence must be outside Far North Queensland Golf Association

  • Available for a maximum of 6 months in a golf year

  • Competitions are subject to availability and payment of fees

FEES - 1 month ($150), 2 months ($210), 3 months ($270),

             4 months ($330), 5 months ($390), 6 months ($450)

Temporary Membership B

Same criteria and conditions as above with the exception that members may participate in club competitions by way of payment of

Capitation fees in addition to membership fees

All include capitation fees