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          CATEGORY                          FEE PER ANNUM

                                                                         (1st October 2023 - 30th September 2024)

               Ordinary Member                                           $910

               Ordinary Member inc half buggy                    $1860

               Senior Member                                               $760

               Senior Member inc half buggy                        $1710

               Young Adult Member (18-21years)                $360                     

               Junior Member (under 18)                              $175

               Junior Member (non AGU)                              $60

               Social Member                                                $10

We also offer temporary golf passes for golfers travelling interstate and are planning on staying in our beautiful part of Queensland for a month or two. 

Temporary Golf Pass

  • Primary residence must be outside Far North Queensland Golf Association (FNQGA).

  • Temporary Golf Pass is available for a maximum of six months in a golf year.

  • Temporary Golf Pass holders with GA handicap are eligible for daily prizes but cannot win Monthly Medals or Board Events.

  • Temporary Golf Pass holders have full membership rights except voting rights and the entitlement to hold office.


FEES - 1 month ($195), 2 months ($280), 3 months ($360),

             4 months ($480)

The membership period starts from the date of payment until the period expires e.g. 1 month membership paid 2nd Feb 2024 expires 2nd March 2024.

Any extension of temporary membership in the same Club year will be treated as a new application.

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